Conservation and revitalization of Benedek Manor House from Municipality of Gheorgheni

Project presentation

The project seeks preservation and revitalization of the Benedek Manor House, by conservation and revitalization works of the building, solving imminent structural problems, eliminating improvised interventions, repairing damages, this way extending the life of the monument, providing a consolidated material framework for activities carried out in the building.

According to the evidence of Transylvania Trust Foundation, Benedek Manor House is one of the most endangered monuments in Transylvania, not only because of the condition of the building itself , but also due to the evolution of neighborhoods. Built in 1840, the Manor House is one of the most representative wood constructions, given to the curved roof of the building Manors have outstanding architecture, and only few remained intact across the ages. Benedek Manor House is a positive example in this way. It houses valuable private collections (collection of " Etnographia Gyergyoiensis) which is visited primarily by specialists ( ethnographers, muzeologists) for their unique value, but because of the lack of basic conditions, it is not permanently to visitors.

The construction is noted in historical monuments list with no. HR-II-ID m-B-12832.

Project objectives

General objective: Contribution to regional development through the preservation of built cultural heritage and the promotion of knowledge and appreciation of the heritage among local community.

Specific objectives:

  • Preserving the local cultural heritage and reusing it as an instrument for local economic, social and tourism development.

  • Development of communities by improving their tourist and investment attractiveness trough the conservation, restoration and valorisation of cultural heritage

  • Building technical capacities and raising awareness in the field of cultural heritage preservation for locals, cultural institutions, NGO's, architects, contractors

  • Promoting cultural diversity


Results of the project:

Near a building of cultural heritage value restored and rehabilitated, the project will generate a series of social, economic and cultural benefits, as stated below:

  • Building local professional capacity by gaining new experience in the course of the project implementation, transferable to other potential applicants in the region

  • Social development and equal opportunities, opening new possibilities for organizing various events of both artistic and social nature, like lectures, conferences, cooperation with youth groups and minorities, Romanian, Armenian, Roma and Jewish) and cooperation with further partner entities

  • Promoting local awareness and sense of identity

  • Impact on tourism and services by increased tourism at local and regional level due to increased attractiveness of the reconstructed monument which draws the interest of international agencies that search for new tourist destinations, increased potential for growth in services under the influence of greater numbers of tourist coming in the city, creation of adequate conditions for leisure time activities and reation of new sets of good practice examples – the outcomes of the implementation of the project, transfer of the acquired know how.

Total amount of the project: 362,283.00 Ron

Grant awarded: 362,283.00 Ron (100%), from which:

  • 307.940,55 Ron eligible amount from SEE Grant (85%)

  • 54.342,45 Ron eligible amount from national contribution (15%)

Project duration: 18 months (March, 2015 - August, 2016)